About Sarah Miller

I’ve always been inspired by outside the box thinking, concepts that aren’t mainstream, and diversity of thought. I was raised in the Quaker faith by parents who really didn’t care what everyone else was doing, favoring instead the meditative, independent ministry of listening to the still, small, voice inside. Though what I do isn’t directly related to the Quaker faith at all, I attribute my intuition and curiosity of metaphysics and energy to the exposure to meditative practice and a community that encourages independent thought and exploration from a young age.

Over the last 20 years I have become a Reiki Master in two different disciplines, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, an Akashic Records reader, and a student of Shamanic practice. Each of these disciplines have contributed more to uncovering my intuitive ability.

Last but not least, I am also no stranger to trauma and loss, which have been a catalyst to my gifts. My life experiences in this area give me an empathetic ear, as well as the ability to feel into someone else’s grief and find ways to uncover how life is meant to evolve as a result of their loss.