Gentle Yoga Practice (group class, up to 8)

60-minute class
with a focus on connecting mindful movements with the breath, this class focuses on a gentle series of stretches and postures that release tension and restore and relax the body.

Yin Yoga Practice (group class, up to 8)

60-minute class
a relaxing practice of gentle floor postures, held for 3-5 minutes at a time, promoting deep relaxation and maximum benefit of releasing areas that hold tension. in yin yoga, connective tissue surrounding ligaments and joints (facia) is gently stretched, increasing mobility and helping to realign the skeletal structure.

Soma yoga (private + group sessions)

by using a more therapeutic approach, these yoga sessions provide a deeper, individualized learning experience to explore your own body’s energy, and learn wellness practices you can further explore at your own pace in the comfort of your own space after class. together we will blend somatic yoga movements to re-educate muscles and enhance range of motion in areas that may hold tension. we will also use gentle classic yoga postures to strengthen and stabilize

Private 1:1 yoga sessions

Connect mindful movements with the breath.