Reiki healing at Wild Acres Wellness

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique. Translated to English, Rei means “light” and Ki means “energy”. Dr. Mikao Usui founded his first Reiki clinic in Japan in 1922, and then started to teach it to others in a more standardized method. But it is said that it had been passed down for generations some 2500 or so years prior to that. Reiki allows the trained practitioner to tap into the Universal Life Force Energy, and help guide the flow of energy to and through your body for relaxation, stress reduction, and to promote healing (both physical and emotional).

Reiki sessions are conducted lying on a table, clothes on, and my hands hover over you. I intuitively allow the energy to guide me to the chakras that need adjustment/where energy needs to flow. At times, information may come through about why a certain Chakra is needing attention and I will share it with you if you desire. Mostly it’s a relaxing process where you are encouraged to let go and give yourself a mental break while I give you a tune up. We all tend to “keep it together” for others all day long in so many contexts – work, family, standing in line at the store, you name it. I encourage all who see me to relax out of their thinking body and into their feeling body. If there are emotions that come up in the process, you are encouraged to release them. You are in a safe space created specifically for your healing.

Relax, reduce stress, promote healing.