About Megan Baxter

Megan is a certified wellness instructor who loves holding space for others to fully embody mind, body and spirit. She is thrilled to offer unique services that empower her clients to reconnect to all that is, becoming aware of their highest potential, and realigning to confidently express their whole self here on earth.

Megan uses a holistic approach to wellness for her clients, through understanding inherent energies, habits and tendencies via astrology and moon phases, reconnecting the mind and body through gentle yoga sessions, grounding and finding relaxation in guided meditations, and talking through lifestyle and nutrition as it relates to each individual body.

Megan finds that discussing all of these modalities as they pertain to each client creates more holistic healing in totality! In her free time, megan loves spending time with her husband, 2 daughters and their dog, lily. She can usually be found outdoors, whether hiking through a park, swimming in the st croix, or skiing the slopes. Always trying to practice what she teaches, she loves daily yoga, making clean, whole food meals and consistently learning more about spirituality.